The Opportunity

The Opportunity

Platinum Life exists to help the UK’s 55s and over transition into retirement when there are many decisions and choices to make, not just financial ones.

No consolidated information source exists, to guide retirees through this maze or assist their advisers in helping them.

So Platinum Life’s mission is to solve this problem.

As a social business building on The Shaftesbury Partnership’s Retirement Transition Initiative, Platinum Life encourages the affluent to give back in retirement to those less fortunate, through endeavours such as volunteering and philanthropy, which improves quality of life for all parties.

Platinum Life also provides a unique invitation only commercial opportunity for selected brands to access the U.K’s approximately 2.6 million Private Pension Retirees, via their trusted Financial Advisers. Helping these Retirees make more informed spending decisions. 

For example our recommendations & guidelines are designed and created specifically for Financial Advisers and their Private Pension Retirees clients to refer to during consultations.

The hard copy, digital version and online resource are strategic lifestyle planning and brainstorming tools, covering many important subjects and discussion points that are highly relevant to consultations and clients’ lives post retirement.

Contents are carefully written and selected with World Class articles on retirement featured along with relevant and useful information to be supplied by Government Departments, related authorities as well as trade and consumer bodies. More in-depth information will be available online.

Access is granted to commercial partners, via advisers, at either the precise point lump sums are received or when advice is given.

Direct Marketing

If invited you will receive a bespoke proposal once your brand goals are understood. Please contact your proposer for further details.