Platinum Brands

Platinum Brands is delighted to partner with PIMFA and the Shaftesbury Partnership to launch Platinum Life, the first consolidated recommendations and guidance-based initiative, to directly guide circa 2.6 million private pension retirees across the UK annually.

In Partnership With PIMFA - Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association

The Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association (PIMFA) represents approximately 10,000 adviser firms and 180 wealth management and associate firms.

Financial advisers and wealth managers are highly skilled professionals, looking after £1.65 trillion in private savings and employing over 63,000 people.

PIMFA aims to create the optimal operating environment for member firms to deliver services, meet client needs and facilitate financial wellbeing.

Financial wellbeing is the ‘peace of mind’ that can come from having a trusted adviser who helps you navigate life’s most significant moments such as retirement.

To this end, in association with Platinum Brands, PIMFA, through its members, will be launching a new retirement initiative.

Platinum Life aims to encourage financial wellbeing, fuller use of financial advisers, and to provide private pension retirees with the very best thought leadership and guidance to keep them as financially aware, fit, healthy and active as possible.

PIMFA is delighted to be working in partnership with Platinum Brands, who are, in their entirety, handling the logistics of this project, including sourcing the products and services from which private pension retirees may benefit from.

In Partnership With The Shaftesbury Partnership

The Shaftesbury Partnership is delighted to be working in partnership with Platinum Life. For the last 20 years we have pioneered and built some of the more significant charities including Teach First, Trussell Trust food banks, and National Citizen Service. In doing so we have concentrated on partnership working with the commercial sector; as well as supporting many business and social start-ups.

The combination of the pandemic and the associated economic recession places each generation under unprecedented stress and has created new tensions between the generations. This is no less true for those anticipating retirement, who have watched those over 70 being cut off from their children and grandchildren just when those family ties would be most valued.

Working with Platinum Life we will build upon the work we’ve been doing for many years to promote programs that enable the platinum generation to live life to the full, and nurture and strengthen intergenerational relationships that our society so desperately needs